Dr. Ralf Wiegert

Director Consulting with IHS Markit Global Insight’s Economics and Country Risk (ECR) team

Dr. Ralf Wiegert is Director Consulting with IHS Markit Global Insight’s Economics and Country Risk (ECR) team, having joined the company in 2004. He has specialized on Economic Impact Analysis and Scenario Forecasting and has been building a team based in Frankfurt and dedicated to that service. He was the project manager of a landmark study for a German industry consortium that examined the linkage between energy costs, competitiveness and growth for Germany, and also led the economic team for the study. He was chief economic adviser for other projects, including country strategies for government sector clients from Gulf Cooperation Council member countries. Prior to that, Ralf Wiegert was Principal Economist, specialized on European and CIS emerging markets, and part of the global macro forecasting group within ECR. In addition to his core role, Ralf Wiegert has been managing several projects on global macroeconomic scenarios for strategic business planning. He has also frequently presented IHS Markit Global Insight’s European as well as the global economic outlook at seminars and conferences. Prior to joining IHS Markit Global Insight, Ralf Wiegert worked as head of the Russia research group at the European Institute for International Economic Relations, following his graduation from Potsdam University with a Ph.D. in Economics in 2002. His scholarly publications pertain to a variety of topics, including economies in transition, international economics, competition and financial sector efficiency.