Lars Zimmer

Founder dacoma

Lars Zimmer (born 1970) and Jürgen Lübeck (born 1967) are joint Managing Directors of dacoma GmbH. When Lars Zimmer founded dacoma in 1999, he had already developed extensive expertise in the bank IT sector. In addition to his IT degree, which he started at the University of Bonn in 1990, he also worked as a student for a service provider to Reuters for 4 years. While doing various jobs – “everything from soldering cables to server implementation” – he not only learned the job from scratch, but also noticed that he liked practical IT much more than the theoretical part of his degree. He therefore quickly accepted an offer in 1994 by Reuters who had taken notice of him, and became a project engineer for the market data supplier. Until then he had known the IT basics, now he developed into a technical expert for the leading trading system Kondor+ whilst working on a range of projects for various clients. The strong demand for this specialisation and an specific enquiry by a large banking institute was finally the impulse for him to set up dacoma in 1999. In his own business, he launched in 2000 the “I.Sec Box” for Reuters market data as an independent and highly-regarded product. With dacoma, he has also worked as the “technical head” within the framework of many diverse and demanding projects for well-known banks and trading houses. Today, Lars Zimmer is one of the leading technical consultants for the bank and trading IT sector and for provider-independent market data management in Germany.